Full Cast Gold Crowns, Inlays/On-lays

The enduring strength, longevity and durability of gold have long been the popular choice for full cast crowns, on-lays and inlays. This industry standard has the proven quality of kindness to opposing dentition, superb plaque resistance, and outstanding bio-compatibility with gingival tissue, besides the capacity of gold to expand and contract just as natural teeth. There is the simple beauty of this metal.

Our full cast crowns, on-lays and inlays are offered in high noble and noble alloys in both yellow and white gold. Additionally, we offer Argenco Y+ noble 2% gold the most economical quality alloy available on the market as a cost saving option for yellow gold in today’s economy.

Product Highlights

  • The strength and durability of gold has long been the standard for quality restorations that outlast any other dental restoration available at any price.
  • Kindness to opposing dentition reduces excessive wear.Superb plaque resistance promotes healthier gingival tissue.
  • Outstanding biocompatibility with gingival tissue minimizing allergic reactions.
  • Gold has the capacity to expand and contract like natural teeth.
  • Wide range of choices is available in high noble and noble alloys in yellow and white gold including the economical choice of Agenco Y+ noble 2% gold.
  • Enjoy a 5 year guarantee and ADC’s quick turnaround time.


Please contact us with technical question regarding Full Cast Gold Crowns, Inlays/On-lays.



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