Cerec Connect Laboratory

Becoming a Cerec Connect Lab maintains our commitment to the rapidly evolving industry by joining us to the worlds largest dental network. This exciting inovation eliminates physical impressions by allowing digitally scanned impressions to be electronically transmitted to our lab. Cerec dentists and inLab owners can view digital images in real time allowing opportunity to discuss important case perameters or modifications chairside. Our lab will scan, design, and mill the restoration of choice utilizing the inLab 3D systen and Biogeneric Software. The inEos scans physical models with the highest presision then exports data to our inLab System. The inLab MCXL milling unit precisely mills the full spectrum of designs, from full contour crowns to complete bridges, custom abutments to veneers, with the inLab 3D software. We invite you to investigate links to Sirona websites on Cerec Connect.




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