A patented technique with Captek's structual design allows for fabrication of a high nobel 88% gold coping. The warm color allows excellent esthetics without gingival discoloration; it also bears a bacteria resistant quality for healthier gum tissue. Ideal for anterior, posterior crowns and bridges providing a very durable PFM Restoration.

Product Highlights

  • Unique structural design of high noble 88% gold coping requires only half the metal thickness of traditional PFMs.
  • The strength and durability of this unique combination of metals provide superior support to porcelain under great pressure, absorbing shock and vibration.
  • Resistant to bacterial plaque by 90% compared to non-restored teeth, allowing healthier gum tissue.
  • Superior fit with a margin of approximately 15 microns for both anterior and posterior crowns gives the clinician greater flexibility because there’s virtually no expansion or contraction.
  • Reflecting and refracting light makes this the esthetic choice for crowns and bridges imparting a natural, warm shade to porcelain and veneered crowns with absolutely no gingival discoloration.
  • Conventional cement can be used instead of a difficult resin bonding procedure.
  • Enjoy a 5 year guarantee and ADC’s quick turnaround time.

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