Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

ADC gives you access to the highest levels of restoration precision available. We are proud to be a Cerec Direct Laboratory offering Cerec inLab™ CAD/CAM technology for Zirconia all ceramic restorations.

This option is ideal for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges because of its excellent aesthetics and strength. The fact that this product is designed and milled right here in our studio, gives us complete control over structural support and marginal fit. You can expect the vitality and translucency of natural dentition with the superior matching and layering we provide through Vita VM9 Porcelain.

Product Highlights

  • Designed and milled in our studio for complete control over structural support and marginal fit.
  • CAD/CAM precision provides all the benefits of all-ceramic combined with easy prep and placement methods.
  • Zirconium-oxide, glass-free, polycrystalline base resulting in excellent aesthetics and high-strength.
  • Matched and layered with Vita VM9 Porcelain providing the vitality and translucency of natural dentition.
  • Custom shading available through VITA Easyshade Compact™ giving patients a precise match even in hard-to-see intermediate shades.  (Patients must visit our lab in person in order to utilize this technology.)
  • Enjoy a 5 year guarantee and ADC’s quick turnaround time.

Please contact us with technical question regarding Zirconia.541-772-7729


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